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Hawaii Vacation Guide!
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Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii beaches are some of the best beaches in the world!

When people think of a tropical beach, Hawaii is usually the first place that they think of... Why? It encompasses everything you'd expect to see at a tropical beach!

The weather is always hot year-round, the water is always clear, and the sand is always clean, which makes hawaii beaches great for swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, surfing, or just lounging just about every day of the year. The beaches are also a great place to take a snoozer!

There are many beaches in Hawaii... and the great thing is that there are no private beaches! Every single beach on all of the Hawaii islands are 100% public... that means there is no beach you can't visit!

As long as you can get to the beach by water or land, you're free to enjoy it.

When is the best time to visit the Hawaii beaches?

Well, as far as weather is concerned, it almost doesn't matter... the average high temperature in Hawaii in the summer months is about 87 degrees fahrenheit (31 C) and the average high in the winter months is about 84 degrees fahrenheit (29 C). So the temperature doesn't change a whole lot.

The beaches are the busiest during the winter months (December - February) and least busy during the summer months (June - August) mainly because of the weather elsewhere in the world, particularly the mainland states.

Our trips, so far, have all been during winter months, and even though it is a busier time than the summer, it wasn't bad at all... we were able to do everything we wanted without even coming close to feeling crowded.

What about surfing?

If you want to surf, the best time to visit the beaches are during the months of November, December, January, February, or March as large swells on the North Shore are not uncommon. Although, if you have never surfed or are just a beginner, you won't exactly need the big swells... you can read up about surfing on Hawaii beaches.

And the water temperature?

Hawaii waters are inviting year-round, averaging about 75 degrees fahrenheit (24 C) and reaching close to 80 degrees fahrenheit (26 C) in the summer months. So in other words, the water is always perfect.

What are some of the best Hawaii beaches?

Like we've mentioned above, there are many beaches in Hawaii... here are a few of the ones you'll want to visit (listed by island)...

All the Hawaii beaches are great!

We know there are a lot of Hawaii beaches to choose from when planning your vacation, but rest assured that no matter which beach you decide to spend a day at, or just a few hours, you won't be disappointed at all.

And, it is also easy to visit a few beaches in one day, especially if you rent your own vehicle. Stop at one beach, then hop back in the vehicle and drive a few miles down the island to the next beach! They also have taxies that will take you to whatever beach you want, and many beaches have buses that come through periodically, so you can ride those too.

One last thought on visiting the beaches... if you rent a vehicle, do not leave anything in the car, especially if you are parking it out of your sight. The people of Hawaii are some of the absolute nicest in the world, but you've always got the bad apples no matter where you are, and vehicle break-ins do happen from time to time. We've never had it happen to us, nor do we know anyone who it has happened to, but it was something we've been told.

Enjoy the best beaches in the world... the Hawaii beaches!