Your Hawaii Vacation Guide!

Hawaii Vacation Guide!
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Hawaii Surfing

Surfing was born in Hawaii and there is no better place to partake in this awesome sport!

Waves arrive at the Hawaiian Islands huge and powerful... there is nothing impeding these waves on their way to the islands, such as a continental shelf. The surf in Hawaii is world-renowned.

Best Places To Surf...

The one place in Hawaii where you hear everybody talk about as the place to surf is the North Shore, Oahu. This is where the big boys of surfing come out to play during the Winter season, as this is the season the biggest waves are coming in... learn more about the different Hawaii surfing seasons.

Basically, if you are just learning to surf, the waves at just about any beach on any of the Hawaii islands are good enough to learn on. In the winter months, you'll find the bigger waves on the North, West, and North-West shores of the islands. In the summer months, you'll find the bigger waves on the South shores of the islands, but not nearly as big as the swells on the North side in the winter.

I would recommend a sandy beach to avoid crashing into coral when you wipe out... and yes, getting slammed into coral by ocean waves is not fun!

Hawaii Surfing Reports...

The best website that we've found on surfing reports in Hawaii is the Surf News Network. It is a very comprehensive and gives you the most current information. Obviously, if you are planning a Hawaii vacation in the distant future, the current surfing reports won't do you a whole lot of good, but it is a great site.

But, if you are actually in Hawaii, you might want to check the Hawaii surfing reports out before you go to a particular surf-spot.

A Little Hawaii Surfing History...

Surfing is known as the "sport of kings," as it began as the ancient sport of he'e nalu (wave-sliding) which was perfected by the kings of Hawaii.